46_1 Life’s patterns: An interview with Blixa Bargeld

luke rathborne interviewt blixa bargeld – zusehen auf dangerous minds

Blixa is a word that is a hum in Berlin.

When I met up with Blixa he had a wisp in his hair.

I had been up the whole night.

A friend in Tokyo said Blixa was doing an art show here called, “Einschüsse”, meaning bullet holes, shots.. (or an ember that, “encases fossilized remains,” Blixa said.)

When I met Blixa it was at an old bar across the street.

I had flown from Paris to play at an abandoned subway station in Kreuzberg, staying with a girl in the top floor of a burnt out apartment building in East Berlin. The punks slept in the alcove of the stairs.

You can’t get rid of the punks in Berlin, everyone has tried.

In France, a punk with a dog is called, “punk-a-chien”. To be a, “punk-a-chien” is worse than just being a punk or just being a dog.

We set up in the hotel room and I felt like more like a dog than a punk. Then Blixa started to speak.” L. Rathborne


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