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‘Jesus Christ would fucking forgive them!’

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“Putin has pissed himself.” Patti Smith in Oslo.

During yesterday’s performance of “Gloria” in Stockholm, Patti Smith and her band make it quite clear how they feel about the imprisonment of Russian punk band Pussy Riot.

klar: patti smith. klar: dangerous minds.


46_1 Life’s patterns: An interview with Blixa Bargeld

luke rathborne interviewt blixa bargeld – zusehen auf dangerous minds

Blixa is a word that is a hum in Berlin.

When I met up with Blixa he had a wisp in his hair.

I had been up the whole night.

A friend in Tokyo said Blixa was doing an art show here called, “Einschüsse”, meaning bullet holes, shots.. (or an ember that, “encases fossilized remains,” Blixa said.)

When I met Blixa it was at an old bar across the street.

I had flown from Paris to play at an abandoned subway station in Kreuzberg, staying with a girl in the top floor of a burnt out apartment building in East Berlin. The punks slept in the alcove of the stairs.

You can’t get rid of the punks in Berlin, everyone has tried.

In France, a punk with a dog is called, “punk-a-chien”. To be a, “punk-a-chien” is worse than just being a punk or just being a dog.

We set up in the hotel room and I felt like more like a dog than a punk. Then Blixa started to speak.” L. Rathborne